Lawn Care Marketing

Your lawn care marketing should be your number two priority, just behind making sure that your lawn care marketingcurrent customers are happy with your service. The old axiom is true that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. The only problem with it is that it is a very slow way to get more clients.

Lawn care advertising is essential to growing your business. Nice graphics on your service trucks are great. It helps you get noticed in traffic. A custom logo on your employees shirts are also a plus as it promotes a positive image.

But in 2013 and beyond, the absolute number one way to broadcast your lawn care marketing message and get more customers is the internet. This statement should not come as a great shock to anyone. Who of you reading this still uses a phone book to find an electrician or a plumber? If you do, you are in the 3% and are probably over sixty. Read this:

However, it is not enough to just “be on the internet.” You need to have a link on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. But even that is not enough to get more customers. You need to be in the top five search results to get real traffic and phone calls. See the pie chart:

landscaper marketing

You can do this in one of three ways; an organic listing, a listing in the Google Places box, or you can buy paid advertising. The video below shows the different types of listings.

Placing a paid ad in Google, Bing or Yahoo will bring traffic to your lawn care business website, however not as much as an organic or a Google Places listing. This is because consumers understand that these are paid advertisements and therefor do not carry the same trust factor as organic listings. There are a few other drawbacks as well.

  1. Depending on the keyword terms you choose, it can get expensive, and there is no guarantee that someone who clicks your ad and lands on your website will actually contact you.
  2. Click fraud is a real part of paid advertising. Unscrupulous competitors will click your ad to deplete your daily advertising budget so as to knock you off the front page. This goes on daily. Read:
  • Google Business for lawn care marketing:

Google Business is a very desirable listing to have for your landscaping company, but only if your listing is included in the “seven box.” The seven box appears on the first page and has a high click through rate.

  • Organic Listings for lawn care marketing:

These are the “holy grail” of first page listings for a lawn service if you can get in the first five returns. Given the new algorithms on Google that are tending toward large, nationwide sites, this is getting harder to do. The key factor now is perceived authority and social signals.

Recently, we have found a way to get on to the first page of Google faster than ever before. The technique leverages the authority power of YouTube in your benefit. Not only that, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and many customers looking to hire a lawn care business use video as a search tool.