Get More Lawn Customers Part 2

We talked last time about using Word Press to get search engine attention for our lawn care marketing.  Now lets look at how to make a search friendly post.  Let’s say I’m “Bob” and I just installed a Word Press on my website, and I live in Denver. I named my Word Press page

Starting out trying to rank for “Denver lawn care” may be a bit optimistic. Denver is a large area. Let’s also say I’m located in North Denver, in Sherrelwood. My 1st post would be:

Title: Sherrlwood Lawn Care – 5 Easy Tips for Better CO Lawn Care

As you can see we have the main keyword “Sherrelwood lawn care” at the beginning of the title, and also offer the reader a reason to click it, “5 easy tips.” Now there may be 50 Sherrelwoods in the United States, so I also added the abbreviation for Colorado.

Post: Sherrelwood lawn care can be a tedious chore. Here are five quick tips to make your lawn more beautiful quicker.

1.blah blah

2.blah blah

3.blah blah

4.blah blah


Of Course you could always make it even easier by hiring a Sherrelwood lawn service.

If you notice, I put our main keyword up front, in bold, as a link to the website, and one more link at the bottom using a slightly different phrase. Don’t over due this with lots of links. The search engines will see it as spammy. Also, don’t stuff the phrase “Sherrelwood lawn care” into every paragraph. As a rule of thumb, no more than 3% of your post should include your keyword phrase, and a couple of links is enough. Then add another keyword phrase like “Sherrelwood lawn care companies” as your caregory, and 2-3 tags. That’s it.

Now, there is no URL called

So if your name is Bob, and you own a lawn service in Sherrelwood CO, go buy that domain cuz you have two links already 🙂

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