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Time for some more landscape marketing tips. This one is about getting mobile internet users (most of us) to instantly get information about your lawn care business.

What Are QR Codes?

If you don’t know what QR Codes are, read this Wiki:

In short, it is the way to get more lawn care customers in 2015. Or pizza, plumbing, dog training, or whatever customers.QR codes for lawn care marketing

Where did the photo come from? I was in my house tappin’ the ol’ computer keys when I heard a mower outside. This landscaper was cutting the vacant lot next to my house. I used to do sprinkler repair for many years, but now I run an SEO company. Yes I know, sissy work. But after 30 years of sweating my cajones off, I like it. What I don’t like is the 30 pounds I’ve gained by not sweating for a living everyday.

So anyways, as the guy’s mower was loud as hell and breaking my concentration I thought “Good time for a beer.” So I cracked one and went outside to get some sun on my pasty white legs. And there it was, his truck across the street! Inspiration for a landscape marketing blog post!

Why should you give a flying fig about QR codes, and how will that get you more lawn care customers?

Read this article about mobile internet usage:

Got yer attention, didn’t it?

I can hear your wheels spinning…”Jeez, what does this cost to make?”


Of course, printing the QR code on your landscape trucks and business cards would cost you a little, but making the code is free.

Stay tuned brothers and sisters of the endless blade sharpening brigade…

In the next day or two I will make you a video, STEP-BY-STEP on how to  make a QR code.

Also, most QR code generators spit you one out the size of a postage stamp. Try taking that to the printer and saying;

“I want this 36″ x 36″ to put on my lawn care truck…”

So all ya gotta do is have it turned into a vector image. Stay tuned and we will get your landscape marketing plan ready for mobile.

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