Landscaper Marketing – Don’t Get Ripped Off!


Lets face it,  marketing schemes abound on the internet.

DON’T Call This Guy!!!

I found an ad on craigs list saying “Be the #1 Business on Google in Your City, ONLY $500.00” Really? It’s that fricking easy thatranking lawn business website you can do it for only 5 bills, no matter what city? San Diego? Long Island? Atlanta? Even with Tru-Green and other high ballers outspending you $1000 to $1?

Sure, you can (and should) throw links at your videos and 2nd tier sites, but your business website? NEVER!!!

Sorry folks, unless you live in a small town, Five Bills, five hours from an SEO Pro, even an inexpensive one like me that only charges $100 per hour, ain’t gonna get you on the 1st page of G for “Cleveland lawn care.” Five hours cannot do it. Period.

“500 lawn care flyers – only $5!!!” No legibility clause in that ad. Paper, even when bought by the TON costs more than that! Your ROI?      nada.


“if it sounds too good to be true……”    So how do you know what works or not?

Here is clue #1: How did you end up on this landscaper marketing website? Through an ad? No. You typed in a keyphrase term into a search engine and you found it.

What did it cost me, the webmaster?



Cuz Google loves me. Why does Google love me? Did I marry G’s sister? Did I loan G a franklin back in the 90’s when they needed investment? Do they love me because I am a “landscaper marketing” genius?


This is why G loves me:

Good content on a Word Press site. That’s it. No “tricks”, or “buy this $3000.00 course on Goggle ranking.” I DO have a course (of course) but it’s “lawn care business owner”  priced. I mean like less than a buck per video.

However, I give away a series of free lawn care/landscaper marketing videos. And when I use the “f” word, I mean it 🙂

If you live in a smaller city, the free videos may be all you need to crush it on the search engines. Bigger towns and cities, well…, you may need the advanced tactics your competitors don’t know. Hey, try the free stuff, if it only gets you to page two, get the killer stuff to crush page one (and your bank account.)
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