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I saw a lawn business truck going down the road today. Some hard working guys in the cab of an old Toyota PU square body. You could tell they were trying to keep up appearances. The lawn mowing truck was about as clean as they could manage. Yet, these guys in their dilapidated 80’s truck just looked, well, poor….

So,a few young poor looking guys in an old lawn maintenance business truck, with a bought sign on the back that said “Lawns Mowed Starting at $23.00.” I don’t know about you, but $23 doesn’t get me down one aisle at the grocery store, and they are splitting this after gas, tires, repairs, etc. Living the American Dream.

ugly landscapers truck

It reminds me of the old Baptist curse “bless their hearts.”

You know what really caught my attention? The big sign. The professionally made “Lawns Mowed Starting at $23.00” sign on the tail end of the truck. The friggin’ sign cost more than the truck was worth. It had to cost 200 bucks.

And I thought to myself ” they just don’t get it.” For two hundred bucks, if they knew what to do, they could be on the first page of Google. Hundreds of people searching for “lawn service Orlando”, targeted customers, would be calling them. They could look like TRU-GREEN if they wanted to, not a couple of broke SOB’s willing to work for peanuts.

Lesson? Get with 2017. Don’t work for peanuts. Get paid what you are worth.

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