Lawn Service + Lawn Mowing Flyers = Ya Gotta Be Kidding Me!

I took that trash out to the end of the driveway this morning. On my way I saw a piece of paper inside of a baggie with a rock in it.

I had to laugh because I knew what it was, but it made me kinda sad at the same time.

Here is some hard working person trying to promote his lawn business. He / she spent the money to print up some small lawn lawn care flyerbusiness flyers, roll them all up, put a rubber band around the lawn service flyer, and then place them in one of the 500 plastic baggies they bought.

And THEN, had to put rocks in the baggies so that they could “automate” their system by throwing them (takes two people) into driveways out of a slow moving vehicle (rusted truck on balding tires?) Sad. Very sad.

If I’d seen them go by (probably very early in the morning so as to not catch grief by the homeowners feeling “littered”) I would have stopped them. Not to tell them they are littering (even though they are) but to explain to them that the financial return on their efforts, as valiant and commendable (I like people who try to influence their destiny through hard work) as they are, are so small as to be pitiful. These flyer throwing folks are still living in the early “90’s.

Christ, even a well titled Craigslist ad would be more beneficial to their lawn business.

The worst part? I live in a smaller Central Florida town. One article placed on line correctly, JUST ONE, would bring them far more business at a lower material and labor cost than throwing rock filled baggies into someones yard with a free  lawn mowing flyer inside it.

I guess it’s just Darwin’s theory being played out in the green industry.

Still, it makes you kinda sad….

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