Lawn Care Names

Lawn care names matter, but not nearly as much as your WEBSITE name! If someone goes to the (’90’s reference) yellow pages, will they look under ‘ B ‘ for Bobs Lawn Care?

Nope.  If they already know about Bob they will call him! They will look under LAWN CARE. Same with the web. So, how do you find a good lawn care website name?

Specific Domain names (like carry far more weight with the search engines than company domain names (like LarrysLandscaping.) The domain (or URL) helps inform the search engines what the website is about, as do title tags and descriptions. Of course, the website content needs to match. Gone are the days when webmasters would name their sites and have website content about applying for pay day loans (the old days.) Google’s algorithms changed all that for the better.


So if you want to learn more about how this website ranking stuff works, start with lawn care marketing plan.
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